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Original version Edit

  • Composed by: Traditional, arranged by Bob Marley
  • Lyrics by: Traditional
  • Year:
  • Length:
  • Musical key: G major
  • Recorded at:
  • Released on following albums:
  • Released on following compilations:
  • Lineup:
  • Period of performances: 1978

Live performances Edit

Rehearsal performances Edit

Trivia Edit

  • also called "So Long Rastafari Call You"
  • the song has been performed during the first Kaya Tour concerts. Since this tour part is hardly documented there are only two live versions of this song circulating yet. Reports by concert attenders of these early concerts have proved that this song has been regularly performed during the early Kaya Tour concerts, and that sometimes it was also part of an intro medley along with "Time Will Tell", similar to the intro medley of the early Rastaman Vibration Tour concerts ("Rastaman Chant", "Lion Of Judah" and "Keep The Faith".
  • Dennis Brown produced a studio version of the song.
  • Some rehearsals feature the song's instrumental.

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