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  • same info as above, shorter edit of the song, runs 3:29 min.
  • released as b-side to the original version of the song on 7" single in various countries.
  • unreleased on CD.

Band version long mix Edit

  • same info as above, longer mix, runs 6:20 min.
  • released on JA 12" single (Zion Express on b-side)
  • unreleased on CD.

alternate versions Edit

  • different alternate demos of this song exist, but all unreleased.

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Rehearsal performances Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • closing track of the Uprising album.
  • some sources say Earl "Wya" Lindo wrote half the song and later on Bob added some lines.
  • when live performed, Bob began alone with his acoustic guitar, sang the second verse a-cappella, and was then subsequently joined by Carlton on drums, Seeco on percussion, and finally the rest of the band which played an extent version of the bridge.
  • the SBD recording from the last show in Pittsburgh has been released on the Songs Of Freedom compilation (see 1980-09-23 for more details). However, the audience screaming and Bob's thank-you at the end of the song actually comes after "Is This Love?" of the same show and has been mixed for the released track.
  • the band version was performed at least once live on stage, in Dijon (see 1980-06-04); the first part of the performance was Marley with guitar and the band subsequently joining for the bridge as usual; then Marley took again the first verse with the band playing, which made this performance unique.

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