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reel 1 - unknown date, 1977 Edit

Facts Edit

Band lineup Edit

Tracklist Edit

  1. "Jailbreaker"
  2. "Place Of Peace"
  3. "Record A New Song"
  4. "We And Them"
  5. "Vexation"
  6. "Jump Them Out Of Babylon"

reel 2 - unknown date, 1980 Edit

Facts Edit

Band lineup Edit

Tracklist Edit

  1. instrumental (bassline from "Real Good Time")
  2. unknown instrumental
  3. "Pray For Me"
  4. "Slogans" (take 1)
  5. "Slogans" (take 2)
  6. "Slogans" (take 3)
  7. unknown instrumental
  8. "Right On"

Trivia Edit

  • these "Mother B's Bedroom Tapes" were two 10" reels that were found in Cedella Booker's bedroom in 1981.
  • both reels were restored in 1989 by Roger Steffens.
  • considered a true gem among fans , because most of the songs are quite different from what was released. They also give a deep insight in the songwriting process and even in some of Bob's thoughts.
  • "Slogans" is the only track that has been officially released (after heavy postproduction and overdubbing).

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