Facts Edit

Original version Edit

  • Composed by: Bob Marley
  • Lyrics by: Bob Marley
  • Year:
  • Length:
  • Musical key: A major (in 1973 A minor)
  • Recorded at:
  • Released on following albums:
  • Released on following compilations:
  • Lineup:
  • Period of performances: 1973 - 1976

Live performances Edit

Rehearsal performances Edit

Trivia Edit

  • also called "Keep This Faith" or "Keep That Faith".
  • originally just an additional riff for "Rastaman Chant" which has also been performed during live performances and rehearsals in 1973 (then in A minor), it became a short song in its own right in 1976 when lyrics have been added.
  • the song has been performed during the first Rastaman Vibration Tour concerts as a part of the reggae gospel along with Rastaman Chant and Lion Of Judah.

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