Facts Edit

Original version Edit

12" mix version Edit

7" edit version Edit

  • shorter edit of the song (3:25 min) as released on the original Jamaican single.
  • unreleased on CD.

Dubbin' In version Edit

  • dub mix of the song (3:25 min) as released on the b-side of the JA single.
  • unreleased on CD.

1984 Thorngren remix version Edit

different dub versions Edit

  • a few other dub versions of the song exist as well, but are all unreleased.

Live performances Edit

Rehearsal performances Edit

Trivia Edit

  • opening track of the Uprising album.
  • it was initially planned to put "Chant Down Babylon" on the Uprising album as opening track, but it was eventually pulled.
  • the 12" version was incorrectly titled 'Coming From The Cold'.

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