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September 19, 1980 Edit

Facts Edit

Band lineup Edit

Setlist Edit

AUD Edit

  1. "Intro Jam"
  2. "Natural Mystic"
  3. "Positive Vibration"
  4. "Forever Loving Jah"
  5. "Running Away" -> "Crazy Baldhead"
  6. "Zion Train"
  7. "War" -> "No More Trouble"
  8. "Zimbabwe"
  9. "I Shot The Sheriff"
  10. "No Woman, No Cry"
  11. "Jammin'"
  12. "Exodus"
  13. "Could You Be Loved?"

Introductions Edit

  • "Greetings in the name of His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Haile Selassie, Jah Rastafari, who liveth and reigneth I'n'I itinually ever fearful, ever sure. This is the Rastaman Vibration!" - Marley before "Positive Vibration"
  • "Yes! Yes, we'll be Forever Loving Jah Rastafari!" - Marley before "Forever Loving Jah"
  • "Yes, as I'n'I would say, Zion Train is coming our way!" - Marley before "Zion Train"

Trivia Edit

  • first of two shows at the Madison Square Garden.
  • opener for The Commodores, therefore only the first set played plus one encore song.
  • guest appearance of keyboardist Ian Wynter.
  • the intro jam is the tune usually played before the Exodus Tour concerts in 1977.
  • the AUD source is quite complete, but misses a few seconds during "No More Trouble", "Jammin'" and "Exodus".
  • the sound gets worse between "Crazy Baldhead" and "No More Trouble".
  • the sound speeds up during "Could You Be Loved?".
  • rare 1980 live performances of "Running Away" and "Crazy Baldhead".
  • only known live performance of "Forever Loving Jah".
  • the sold-out MSG got almost empty after Marley's performance, although he actually opened for The Commodores.

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