June 1, 1980 Edit

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SBD / video Edit

  1. "Get Up, Stand Up"

Introductions Edit

  • * "Yeah, we can make it work, we Jah children can make it work everytime! So you better get up and stand up for your rights, as someone would say: we're "Coming In From The Cold", or another one would say: the "Sun Is Shining" and the weather is sweet, and someone would say: "Is This Love?", and everyone would say everything. Let's move it!" - Marley before "Get Up, Stand Up"

Trivia Edit

  • only a video clip of "Get Up, Stand Up" from this show is circulating. It was broadcast on some German TV stations.
  • Marley's introduction to the song makes it seem that "Work" had been played just before.
  • second show of the Uprising Tour.
  • opener for Fleetwood Mac.

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