May 31, 1977 Edit

Facts Edit

Band lineup Edit

Rehearsed Songs Edit

SBD Edit

  1. "Exodus"
  2. "I Shot The Sheriff"
  3. "No Woman, No Cry" (take 1)
  4. "No Woman, No Cry" (take 2)
  5. "Get Up, Stand Up" -> "No More Trouble"
  6. "Them Belly Full (But We Hungry)"
  7. "Positive Vibration"
  8. "Natty Dread"
  9. "Jammin'"
  10. "Guiltiness"
  11. "Natural Mystic"
  12. "Lively Up Yourself"
  13. "Crazy Baldhead" -> "Running Away"

Trivia Edit

  • rehearsal just before the Rainbow Theatre performances.
  • "Them Belly Full" is just the intro tunes.
  • "Get Up, Stand Up" is only instrumental until it segues into "No More Trouble".

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